AJR 1 on 1: Kei Henderson of 10 Deep Marketing & Special Projects Talks Favorite 10 Deep Collab, Best Places To Shop & More!



Introduce yourself, let everyone know who you are?

My name is Kei (like Key) Henderson, no that’s not my full name, but that’s not for the masses to know. I handle Marketing & Special Projects at 10.Deep Clothing. And on the side I do events, DJ, and manage a few artists.



Where are you from?

Born In Cleveland, OH, raised in the burbs of Georgia, outside Atlanta.



How did you get into working with 10 Deep?

Well, I met the owner, Scott and head of Sales, Josh at a CMJ Showcase in 2010 that one of my artists (Grip Plyaz) at the time was performing on. They loved Grip and reached out not long after to include him in a lookbook. From there we stayed in touch just on the homie tip. Then in 2012, they reached out while I was at Complex to help them coordinate their Holiday party featuring Cam’ron on a freelance basis. From there, they found out a little more about my work at Complex Media, and asked me to join the team top of 2013.



Tell me about the 10 Deep x Timberland: The Nomads collaboration, what part did you play in the collab?

Not a whole lot actually. Most of that deal was finalized before I started working here. I came in just as they were finalizing the designs and release timing. I had much more to do with the seeding, rollout, promotion and release event.



What do you feel was the best collaboration for 10 deep in the past 3 years?
My favorite collab in the time that I’ve been here is the Boogie Tee (link), I’d also say the Timberlands (link) we just did were pretty amazing and lastly, for non-products, I’d say the Kid Cudi mixtape, cause it still bangs (link).



What is your favorite sneaker go-2 sneaker?

To be honest, I been off sneakers for a little minute. But i’d say Jordan 11 Breds.



How many sneakers would you say, you have in your closet?

See above.



In your opinion, what is the impact of the Yeezy “Red Octobers” ? Big Fashion Statement?

I’m not sure I care enough to comment on what it did for fashion, but, what did make a big statement is how Nike decided to drop them last minute and they sold out within 23mins. Shows the power of the internet, Kanye and sneakerheads that have “bots.” haha.



Your favorite place in the world to shop?

NOT online. I like to try shit on. And Atrium Soho — they have great customer service, so I don’t mind going there.



Do you have any fashion influences? If any?

Tumblr. That’s a joke.



Who do you feel is the flyest dresser in the game right now?

By “game” you mean, entertainment industry? I honestly don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what other people wear unless its someone I sent 10Deep to and I wanna see if they actually wore it. In general, I like people that have their own personal style and aren’t too concerned with what the market or what the trends are. I feel like the term “fly” in general is relative. Style is far more important.



Who are your favorite artist at this moment?

Peewee Longway, Dead Right, Migos, Young Thug, Lil Wayne (will always be on my “top artists” lists), Future, Sza is dope, YG album knocks, Ty$ is cool musically and an even better person, so that helps….On the more indie tip: Two-9, Denzel Curry, Ice Edwards, Robb Bank$, Kris Kasanova, and Yung Gleesh. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few people…




Nike SB’s or AirMax?




A$ap or Ye? (Fashion Wise)?




Ri Ri or Cara Delevingne (Fashion Wise)?




Your Last Words?

Thanks for the opportunity. Tell these people get my social #s up: @keiopensdoors on all platforms that matter.



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AJR 1 on 1 Interview: (Full Audio) DeSean Jackson Talks Next Big Sneaker Cop, Being on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, Fav Rappers & More

Check out this exclusive interview here:

Check out my exclusive interview with 3-Time Pro Bowler DeSean Jackson now apart of the Washington Redskins as we chat on the topics of his favorite sneakers to rock, next big sneaker cop of 2k14, his experience of being on fashion police with Joan Rivers, His Documentary, Children’s Book & much more. I am very pleased with the interview and hope you all like it. Check out the audio below. 


DeSean Jackson_IAR





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Website: http://www.deseanjackson10.com/home.asp 

Interviewed by Ayana Rashed 









AJR 1 on 1 Interview: Editorial Coordinator of Hypebeast @WilfCho Talks How He Got His Start, Styling Givenchy 2014 Spring/Summer “Driving the Dunes of Erg Chebbi” Editorial, Biggest Fashion Influences & More!

photo 1.PNG


I got an opportunity to chat with Hypebeast Magazine Editorial Coordinator/Creative Director Wilf Cho, discussing how he got his start at working with the magazine, how was it styling the Givenchy 2014 Spring/Summer “Driving the Dunes of Erg Chebbi” Editorial, Biggest Fashion Influences & more. Check it out here.


(Introduce yourself) Who are you? and what do you do?
What’s up! My name is Wilf Cho and I’m from Hong Kong. I’m involved in creative direction and fashion styling. In a nutshell, I create visual impact and buzz that attract people’s attention. With everything that I do, I try to make hits.


How did you get into writing for Hypebeast? How did you become the editorial coordinator?
Actually, I’m not involved with the writing aspect of editorials on HYPEBEAST. As you may know, HYPEBEAST is visually driven and I deal solely with this element.
With regard to the role that I currently hold at HYPEBEAST, I guess it boils down to the invaluable experience that I gained at one of Asia’s most reputable publishers, South China Media Group. Notable titles that fall under the SCMG umbrella include household names like Marie Claire, Esquire, FHM, alongside other regional fashion magazines. I worked as a Fashion Editor at JMEN Magazine for 2 years, which is a regional fashion magazine.
At JMEN Magazine, I was responsible and involved in most of the fashion editorials. We featured a lot of high-end fashion brands and I had great exposure to high-end fashion, however, after looking at boring tailored-suit for 2 years, I felt it was time to move on and do something that I felt passionate about.
My initial plan was to quit my job and go travelling for a year. However, I came across a vacancy at HYPEBEAST and I just went for it. I quickly realised that this was the kind of shit that I wanted to do and thankfully after my first interview, HYPEBEAST hired me.


Tell me some of your background as a stylist and creative director?
I studied International Fashion Business at Nottingham Trent University. At the time, I was also interning at PRESTIGE Magazine Hong Kong and did that for 2 years. In fact, this internship was my first job and this was how I paved my way into this industry.
*Prestige Hong Kong is a monthly magazine that features a mix of high fashion, celebrities, culture, travel, high society and world exclusive interviews with movie stars, showcasing the very best in Hong Kong and across the globe.



I see you got to style the Givenchy 2014 Spring/Summer “Driving the Dunes of Erg Chebbi” Editorial, how was that?
That shoot was absolutely amazing! All of the feedback and comments that we received was very positive. Riccardo Tisci even reposted my work on his personal instagram account! I didn’t expect that at all! My team and I spent approximately one month on planning and prepping and we’re all really proud of the final product!








What is your definition of style?

In my opinion, style is how you present yourself. It’s the whole package. My style is focused on the details and not simply on wardrobe attire. Detail is very important to me and I think it contributes to the whole appearance. I love things that are simple, with distinct and subtle details that pop, which in turn gives me a feeling of confidence when I strut my stuff.


What are some of your favorite clothing brands?
COS , I like everything from COS and I wear them everyday. MUJI is cool too! It’s kind of like the japanese version of COS. It’s simple and there’s something for everyone.


Who are some of your biggest fashion influences?
Laurent Segretier. He is the one who introduced me to the fashion scene when I was at PRESTIGE. He’s a French artist based in Asia and he showed me how to integrate western and eastern elements into the visual world and how express your style through imagery. This is no PR stunt but you guys should seriously check out his work. It’s amazing!


Name any public figure that you feel is one of america’s biggest trendiest fashion influencer?
Miley Cyrus. The new Miley Cyrus.


What are some of your favorite shoe brands?
I like LANVIN a lot! I also like Raf Simons and Balenciaga !


How many kicks would you say you have in your closet?
About 30 pairs.


Who are some of you favorite artist? 
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, he is my all time favorite. The XX is another favorite of mine. I can listen to their intros all day. Gold Lip is also fucking awesome! There’s so many artists out there that I love such us Die Antwoord, Unicorn Kid, M.I.A., Drake, Azealia Banks, Naked and famous, to name but a few.


Name one female who you feel is a big fashion trendsetter in today’s generation?
Agyness Deyn.


In your opinion, what is the impact of the Yeezy “Red Octobers” ? Big Fashion Statement?
In my opinion, the Red Octobers are prime examples of the marketing trap and hype, as opposed to being a big fashion statement. Undoubtedly, the shoes are very nice but $5000 USD for a pair of Nike sneakers… come on, man!


A$AP Rocky or Kanye West? 
Fashion Killa!


Stussy or Bape?

Stussy for sure! Bape? No, just no.


Rihanna or Cara Delevingne?
Can I choose both? I love both of them and they are smokin’ hot!


How important is being “well-dressed” in your opinion?
Being well-dress is extremely important. The crux of dressing up is respect. That is, respect for the occasion, respect for the people that you are with, as well as maintaining a professional image. In my line of work, this is highly important and the image that you put out there can make or break your career.


What is your favorite pair of kicks?
Pump Fury! I like the weirdness of the silhouette.
I’ve always wanted to cop the Chanel x Pump Fury sneaker but I’ve had no luck! http://www.complex.com/sneakers/2013/07/best-reebok-pump-fury-list/chanel






Your Last Words?

Words of wisdom –

Have more than you show, speak less than you know. -William Shakespeare, King Lear


This wraps up my interview with Wilf! Thanks for your time!


Givenchy 2014 Spring/Summer “Driving the Dunes of Erg Chebbi” Editorial 


Instagram: Wilf Cho 


Interviewed by Ayana Rashed 













AJR 1 on 1: (Full Audio) Clyde Carson Talks New Album, Being featured on Grand Theft Auto V, Sneakers & more!


I got an opportunity to chat with West Coast rapper Clyde Carson, artist on the rise from out of the Bay area. We chatted on the topics of fashion, sneakers,  his new album “Playboy”,  his thoughts on being featured on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack & much more. Check out this exclusive interview here. Full Audio included below.

Purchase New Album Playboy on iTunes here!


clyde carson game




Purchase Playboy on iTunes here!

Instagram: @ClydeCarson

Twitter: @ClydeCarson

Interviewed by Ayana Rashed 

AJR 1 on 1 Interview: We Are Toonz Talks How The”Nae Nae” Came About, Hitting the Billboard Charts & The Best Celebs To Do The “Nae Nae” & More


I got a chance to chat with the members of “We Are Toonz” as we discussed how the Nae Nae came about,  Meeting Dwight Howard, hitting the billboard the first 3 weeks and The best Celebs to do the Nae Nae thus far, sneakers, moving 16,000 units in one week & more. Check out this exclusive interview to learn a bit more about the members of the group “We Are Toonz” here on Imarashed.com exclusive audio below.



Thanks for your time We Are Toonz!

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Interviewed by Imarashed

AJR 1 on 1 with SLAM Magazine Editor & Chief, Ben Osborne Talks Sneakers that Changed the Game Book, Sneaker Do’s & Don’ts, Importance of the Air Jordan 1″Bred” & More


SLAM Magazine Editor & Chief Ben Osborne chatted with me about his new SLAM Kicks: Basketball Sneakers That Changed The Game book, Why it is so important to have a pair of the Air Jordan 1 Bred’s, Sneaker Do’s & Don’ts and what will be the most sought after kicks this year & more. Check out this exclusive interview here.

Q: Introduce Yourself. Tell the people who you are.

A. My name is Ben Osborne i’m the editor & chief of SLAM magazine and the editor of the book that’s out today SLAM Kicks: Basketball Sneakers That Changed The Game.

Q: So, How are you today?

A. I’m doing great thank you. Yeah, It’s been an exciting day first real book in slam history so I’m pretty excited.

Q: How did you receive such an awesome job at Slam Magazine?

A. (Laughs) I’d like to think that I earned it. I started as an intern here out of college in August of 1997. So you were probably like 3 years old. (Laughs) and uhhh yeah I just kinda I wasn’t always working in the office but I’ve been involved with the magazine at least as a writer ever since then um and sometimes full-time sometimes Freelance and sometimes part-time but always in touch with the staff and the publisher and the editor before me left like december of 2006 and I was offered the job and so I started like full-time as the editor of SLAM in January of 2007.

Q: So you started out as an intern, who all did you work with prior to receiving the Slam Magazine job?

A. Well, I was a news aid at the Washington Post in the sports department in 96′ and 97′. I was an intern at professional sports publication I think in 95′ which is they do hoop magazine now programs for college football and basketball games umm so that was it for kind of internships. But, I wrote for besides SLAM and XXL umm New York Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, Complex, Wall Street Journal a lot of different places.

Q: What age were you when you got your first internship?

A: Uhh that would’ve been the one at PSP, I was 20.

Q: So the basketball sneakers that changed the game book, explain the whole concept of the book?

A. I have felt as well as my boss we’ve kinda always wanted SLAM has great magazines for a bunch of years a great website but we’ve never done a book we don’t really have the capabilities to make one our companies not a book company so we needed a publisher and so I was working with an agent who agreed that SLAM should have a book and that sneakers were the most logical thing to do because we felt like sneakers was kinda a missing thing and we have a great reputation for covering basketball shoes, so me and this agent just kinda bought it to a bunch of book publishers you know saying that it’d be used the SLAM and Kicks name you know cause that has a fan base already and a company called “Rizzoli” who does really nice art books, fashion books. I don’t think they do much sports usually. But beautiful really good quality photo driven coffee table type books they were interested their was a lot of like legal paperwork that you don’t need to be concerned with but just getting the rights to use the SLAM kicks name like one company had to sign off on that and they had to agree with me to edit it then they had to hire a creative director they used SLAM thankfully so the look is kind of consistent their was like a lot of different pieces but eventually it came together I guess probably about a year ago so then we had until October you know about 6 months to build the book and you know I think that it’s not like an encyclopedia I mean the writing about the sneakers are, we ended up picking 33 I think that they would have been fine with anything from 25 to 50 umm but it was really just like again sneakers that started as basketball shoes became relevant off the court and like had an impact in some way on other sneakers on the game of basketball on hip-hop on fashion whatever we settled on 33 and so you get like 300 words on each sneaker it’s really photo driven you know I think that if you know nothing about sneakers or real young you will learn a fair amount if your a true true sneaker head it’s more about just having these shoes that you love presented beautifully you know what I’m saying it’s more about the look than intricate details I mean you can get so much info on shoes on the internet now but you can’t get beautiful photos that you can hold in you hand so it’s a very visual and we wanted a little star power on the writing.

Like say if we have 4 essays those are the longest like best written of the book and those are by Russ Bengtson who’s the sneaker editor at Complex just a kind of a sneaker OG, Scoop Jackson who wrote a Nike book about sneakers who was down with SLAM forever now he’s with ESPN but great writer who’s done a super successful sneaker book. John Brilliant, who’s the editor and founder of CounterKicks.com he kinda talks about the future of sneakers cause his website is very much about the future of the industry and then Lang Whitaker who was with us for a long time and now a big writer at NBA.com who was a collector of Game 1 sneakers which is a really neat twist and he was doing that way before anyone thought it was cool. so those guys all write on different aspects just to give a little writing credibility to the project so they have the best stories and other summaries and again just tons and tons of pictures that are very very crisp, high-resolution that was the biggest difference like again on a sneaker website you can throw anything up their and it looks okay here at SLAM we have like a certain level of criteria that run and print but it’s still you know a blurry picture or two might sneak thru but for this you know it was like a whole another level of photo quality and paper quality um so that was pretty neat and that was all dictated by this “rizzoli” I mean i was in charge of the list and basically the words that made it in and trying to find the images but they had to get approved by another person at that company who was really particular so again their was a lot of attention payed to the look of it which I think is great because again you get information a lot of places but you can’t really have this beautiful thing out you know your not gonna have your friends just look through you iPad buy they might try and look through a beautiful book.


Q: Explain the importance of having the Air Jordan Bred 1 in your closet. If your a so-called sneaker head?

A. The one on the cover is an OG of it.It’s an_____ to Russ Bengtson who has a couple different colorways of the 1′s and umm I you know certainly the first air Jordans I had umm you’ve got your chuck taylor advocates out there but umm I think that the Jordan 1 is like the most important basketball shoe of all-time so, I think that anyone that’s older remembers that and if they saved they’re original pair they should be very proud they’ve actually maintained so well we did a different project recently about Jordans 1 to 6 and we got OG’s of all those like the 3′s and the 4′s like they’ve really cracked just cause of the material but like you can keep a pair of 1′s to this day in pretty good condition if your younger don’t have the money or the time to track down an original pair I think that as a retro the 1 is a must for sure and again it was Mike’s first shoe it was like the beginning of Jordan as a brand but it still had the swoosh umm you know it’s really just when to me the fashion and the streets and the game like all combined plus he was doing such awesome stuff in it you know I mean he didn’t win a title yet but his scoring the way he played the dunk contest the fact that he was out for two solid years you know later on the Jordan became an annual thing but this one was out for twice as long so yeah again so yeah I can’t say something much stronger in my opinion it’s the most important or greatest basketball shoe of all time so that makes it definitely a must have for anyone that can get their hands on a pair I’d say.

Q: How many sneakers would you say you have in your closet? All Together?

A. I don’t have a crazy number I’m trying to think probably about 60-70 and few more another 10 at work my man Russ probably has 300 I’d say like depending on the month or if I’ve given some away or if I just gotten ones 60-70 probably.

Q: Which shoe do you think will be the most sought after shoe in your opinion this year?

A. I don’t know I mean I don’t have the retro schedule right in front of me I think they’re putting out a 1 and a 6 the same day the carmines those will be crazy I’m sure as far as new stuff the Jordan 29 you know they haven’t had like the greatest luck with the new Jordans although the 28 was pretty fresh and that shoe had come out when Jordans, the first one came out like April 1st and eventually it shifted to like a February release for someone of like 25 years and since the 28 came out like february 2013 you know there was not one this year it’s not coming out this summer so it will be like a 18 month lapse which is a long time and I know Jordan is extremely excited about it and to the best of my knowledge it hasn’t leaked yet I can’t say for certain that it’ll be a huge hit until I see it but I think that they had some decent momentum with like the later edition of the 28 not the ones with the zip-up the ones that didn’t have that people love so I Think The Jordan 29 their gonna put a lot behind it they have that fusion thing out now that people seem to like so I think that while the retros stay popular they can make a new current one that pops I think people will really take to that so I Think that will be I know that i’m sure we will be focused on the new Jordans to some degree and then again I’m not super hip to some of the fashion releases but on the basketball side I mean Kevin Durant is popular as ever I believe this will be the last one before he becomes a sneaker free agent I’m guessing he’ll stay with Nike but I think this year KD’s shoe will be you know a big deal obviously, Lebron’s have become an annual massive story and I guess the next Kobe won’t be until 2015 so I think all of this will be very sought after in the basketball sneaker world.

Q: What are your go-2 kicks in your closet?

A. That’s a good question. Umm on the basketball side Nike Lebron’s a couple different one’s from his line. Kobe’s I don’t have the new one’s but some of the low-top Kobe’s. I like some Converse weapon retros I actually wear K1X the german company they make really comfortable shoes. Non basketball I’m a huge New Balance fan I have like ton’s of 574′s I wear those all the time sadly I had to wear a lot of boots this winter so I still got some classic timberlands some nice Nike Airmax boots, I got some Adidas I have some under Amour like Cross-Trainer joints. I like to try a lot of different stuff when I actually play I played in those the last two years the CP3′s I played in those a lot of times I think the CP3 the 6 or 7 It kinda looks like the 28 a little bit so those are fresh.

Q: Who keeps the sickest sneakers on in NCAA college basketball?

A. I know Jabari has crazy stuff because he get’s the Nike hook-ups he wore Jordan in High-school his dad played so when he didn’t get free stuff I’m sure he probably could afford to buy it he lives by the bulls I don’t know how much he wears Adidas but I’m sure he got some Derrick Rose hook-ups because Derrick went to the same high school I would say without question Jabari Parker has the best sneaker collection of any player in college basketball without a doubt.

Q: What are your sneaker do’s & dont’s?

A. Try to not be, if there is a brand you always buy don’t shutoff anyone be open to every brand I think it’s nice if you want to stock some, that’s fine. I’m personally against sleeping outside for sneakers as long as my retail partner it’s not that hard to get stuff on a market if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be, be open to different styles in different price ranges don’t kill yourself for one shoe.

Q: Who are some of your favorite hip-hop artist? At this moment.

A. I like Kid Cudi, Last show I went to was Yeezus I love Kanye forever, Bishop Nehru, ummm Schoolboy Q that album is cool.That’s probably it, most recently.

Q: Who are you going for to win the NBA Finals?

A. I did our magazines preview in the fall and I picked the Pacers.

Q: What is your starting 5, Pick 5 players to win a ring with?

A. Lebron & Durant are in a class by themselves 1 and 2 without a doubt. Paul George has been awesome this year. I would say Chris Paul I Think he’s the top PG & Dwight Howard as the center.

Q: What would you tell someone who doesn’t have the basketball sneakers that changed the game book? To go cop it?

A. Yeah! Of course please go get it. I just think that it really has something for everyone because if your young or new to the whole culture and wanna learn your gonna learn a lot and even if you know everything you’ve never seen it presented in such high-quality production that’s what I’m really the proudest of the way that it looks and feels if you like basketball, sneakers or both then I think it’s a must have.

This wraps up my interview with Ben Osborne! Thanks for your time!

Website: SLAMonline.com

Twitter: @bosborne17

Instagram: @bosborne17

Interviewed by Imarashed

Exclusive Interview: Tiara Thomas Talks Upcoming Album, Favorite Clothing Brands, Style & More


23 year old Tiara Thomas is on the rise I got a chance to speak with her on topics such as her upcoming album, how’s life since signing with Rico love, how her “They don’t know” verse came about, writing smash single “BAD”, fashion & more. Check out this exclusive interview here….

Q: How are you?

A. I’m doing great, how are you? I been working on this album so I have so much stress….(Laughs) continued. (Listen To Audio)

Q: So how has everything been since signing with Rico Love?

A. Ummm, I been having a really good time actually I was just in the studio with Rico Love last night, actually been in the studio with him everyday this week. Ummm yeah yeah solo I’ve been working with him quite a bit on the album and ummm so me and him we always come up with some crazy, crazy stuff we did some really dope stuff last night you know I’ve been working I been working a bunch of traveling a bunch getting in the studio so that’s all I been doing right now.

Q: What should we expect from this new album? What different sound are you bringing to the R&B Game That’s kinda missing as far as females?

A. I wouldn’t say it’s an R&B album, you gotta hear it people could get a better representation of who I am as an artist. I really came up with most of the concepts for the album everything is really personal.

Q: So what’s your thoughts on R&B music, how would you describe R&b at this moment when listening to the Radio?

A. I think music is just evolving and so we got a like a lot of new energy coming to the game R&B, Hip-Hop, Urban we got a lot of new energy ummm a lot of new artist I think the sound is just evolving the music is just evolving.

Q: So with the “They don’t know” remix how did your verse come about? Did you tell Rico you wanted to be on the track?

A. Well I was actually in the studio right after they recorded that song some months ago and umm I was like yo this song is dope. At the time I think he was going to use something else as his first single I don’t know it was a while ago and umm but I was like this is my favorite song and umm so after he dropped it as a single he was like yo i’ma get you on the remix i’ma put you on the remix put a whole bunch of people on the remix this was like before it dropped he wanted to put me on the remix so once it dropped he sent it over and I put my verse on there and we went with it.

Q: On that track you’re rapping, I can tell that someone like Lauryn Hill would be someone you idolized as a kid or I could be wrong? Are you more comfortable rapping than singing or are you comfortable with both?

A. ummm i’m trying to incorporate rapping a lot more, well to the Lauryn Hill question I love Lauryn Hill she’s been like a lil inspiration with me starting to play the gutair, sing and rap. Maybe like 3 years ago all the stuff I used to post on youtube like back in the day I would do covers of like Trillville “Some cut” or the cash out cover and I rap on those covers so I’ve been doing that since I was on youtube I had a record deal and people are now just starting to hear that I do both. So I’ve been trying to incorporate rapping more but I’ve been doing that since the beginning.

Q: So I know you wrote “Bad” what are some of the other tracks you’ve written that people might have not known you’ve written?

A. “Bad” is actually the first thing I’ve written I wrote it for myself also back when I was working with Wale we got in the studio like everyday as much as we could and did….continued. (Listen to Full Interview Audio)

(Listen to Full Interview Audio)
Tune into the second part of our interview (Listen to Interview audio, start at 7:00 on video) We will get on these specific questions as far as fashion & more)


Q: On the fashion side, describe your style?

Q: Are you more of a heel type chick or sneaker?

Q: Do you have any particular favorite brands at this moment?

Q: So how did you meet up with Rico Love?

Q: So are their any artist who you would like to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

Q: So you initially wrote bad and then Wale gets the song, how did that come about?

Q; So growing up who were a few of the R&B singers you idolized?

This wraps up my interview! Thanks for your time Tiara!

Twitter: @Tiara_Thomas

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Interviewed by Imarashed