Hi, my name is Ayana Rashed I’m 21 years of age born in Charlotte, NC. I am a Mass Communication/Journalism Major at the University Of North Carolina At Charlotte. I love talking style, sports, sneakers, music and everything in between. I’m a style writer for DJ Funk Flex’s InFlexWeTrust.com at Hot 97 & also a contributor of The Source Magazine. I curate my online magazine here that consist of everything that interest me which includes sports, music, style, sneakers, art, culture & more. Thanks for checking out my online mag. Have a good day.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I’d love to speak with you regarding my lifestyle brand, Di’Faisean New York. I follow your articles about streetwear & up incoming streetwear clothing lines, & I thought you’d be the prefect person to talk to regarding advice, criticism, or reviews regarding Di’Faisean New York.


  2. Hello Mr. Rashed,

    Thank you for reposting my blog – greatly appreciated. Congratulations on your achievements already at 20 years old! I look forward to checking out your blog.




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