Vince Vaughn Talks New Movie ‘Unfinished Business’ on Kevin & Bean

The World Famous KROQ

Vince Vaughn dropped by The Kevin & Bean Show this morning to talk about his new movie ‘Unfinished Business,’ which hits theatres this Friday.

“This movie is very interesting because it’s really funny and it also just has some interesting, odd perspectives on stuff,” said Vaughn. “It’s easy to make the guy sort of be kind of incompetent but what I think is cool is that the character is actually a guy who, yes, he has his challenges, but he’s a competent guy facing those challenges which makes it more interesting.”

Vaughn also touched on Noel Gallagher going off on a reporter about Taylor Swift’s “songwriting,” his upcoming role on ‘True Detective,’ and his early role on an after-school special.

Vaughn also shared his thoughts on Justin Bieber and his early rise to fame. “I think it’s a little different because I was 18 when I moved out here, and…

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