Taylor Swift Grants 4-year Old’s Last Bucket List Wish

Chicago’s B96 - 96.3 FM

How sweet is Taylor Swift?

4-year old Jalene Salinas is battling an aggressive case of terminal brain cancer. She made a bucket list and has been items checking off of it the last few weeks. Her last wish was to dance with Taylor Swift to her single Shake It Off.

Thanks to social media, #ShakeItOffJalene started trending on Twitter. Taylor Swift got a hold of the news and decided to do something for the 4-year old.

On Monday night, Jalene got a call from Taylor Swift herself! Jalene wasn’t feeling too well, but Taylor Swift was able to comfort her with her sweet words.

“I’m so sorry you’re having a bad night, I’m so happy to talk to you though and I’m so happy you like Shake It off. You look beautiful tonight, you really do. You’re just as pretty as your pictures.” -Taylor Swift

Check out the video below…

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