B. Scott Settles Gender Discrimination Case With BET After Red Carpet Snub

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B. Scott and BET have reached an agreement following the legal battle sparked by the network’s major snub.

The media personality was all ready to welcome stars and interview them on the red carpet at the 2013 BET Awards. The network, which had booked him for the gig, was not pleased when he showed up to work in women’s clothes. Organizers demanded that he change into more gender-appropriate attire before proceeding with his duties.

At the time, the network argued that his chosen appearance would be damaging to its reputation. This came as something of a shock because B. Scott, who identifies himself as a man, is known to prefer wearing women’s fashions and a serious face beat. Anyone booking B, should have known that he would be coming rocking the fiercest designs he could get his hands on.

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