Rapper Starship God Claims He Had Sex With Birdman To Get His Deal [VIDEO]

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Starship God

What the WHAT? In “are you freaking kidding me news”, according to The Jasmine Brand, a rapper  by the name of Starship God, who claims to be in the Hip Hop group Richgang, is alleging that he had consensual sexual activity with Cash Money head honcho Birdman in order to get a record deal!

Stop looking at your screen like that! This is not April so we are not fooling you! Take a look at the video of his “admission” below!

WARNING….the language used in the video is very graphic and in no way is it intended for all audiences!

Again we say…whet? There have been rumors floating for more than a decade about Baby and his preferences. But this is different. We’re not really sure what prompted this guy to say what he’s saying…and there is no way to know if there is any validity to what…

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