Suge Knight out of hospital, back in custody over deadly hit-and-run

Former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight is out of the hospital and back in law enforcement custody, where he’s being held for his part in a fatal hit-and-run last week in Compton, California.

Knight, 49, complained of chest pains in court Tuesday after pleading not guilty to murder charges for allegedly running over two men — killing one of them — following an argument.

After being released from the hospital, Knight was taken back into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department a little before 9 p.m. Wednesday (midnight ET), Deputy Kelvin Moody told CNN.

“We are not purview to any medical treatment he may be for receiving,” said the Sheriff’s Department spokesman, who did not specify whether Knight was being held in a normal jail cell or elsewhere.

Mark Blankenship, president of Everlert Entertainment and who has business dealings with Knight, told reporters Tuesday that Knight “has special…

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