Tom DeLonge Reveals Songs That May Have Been Bound for Blink-182

The World Famous KROQ

by Jay Tilles

Tom DeLonge posted two song clips which he says have no home. Well, at least he labeled them #songwithoutahome and #March1, which we can only surmise is a release date.

After a listen or two to the fast pop-punk clips, fans began speculating the tunes were meant for Blink-182 as Alt Press points out. When one of his Instagram followers asked if the songs were meant for Blink-182, DeLonge responded with a clapping hands emoji, basically congratulating him on the correct assumption.

The Angels & Airwaves singer parted ways with his Blink-182 bandmates last week in a very public, yet civil back-and-fourth. Despite DeLonge’s open letter to fans stating that he never left the band, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker say otherwise.

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So, if in fact these two tracks were bound for Blink-182, they are now in fact homeless…

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