John Lennon’s Family Home Up For Sale

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The BBC reports the house where John Lennon‘s mother Julia Lennon lived during the 1950s, which was when the future Beatle lived with his aunt Mimi, is set auction March 31st. Estimated price – $180,000.

The semi-detached house is on Blomfield Road, in the Allerton neighborhood of Liverpool, is where John frequently visited and practiced guitar. Sisters Julia and Jackie lived there with their mother and her partner, John “Bobby” Dykins.

In other Beatle-related property matters, the row house where George Harrison‘s family lived from 1949 until the early-’60s (where several Quarrymen rehearsals happened), went for $210,000 in October.

I can see the George Harrison house selling to a collector. However, the house where John’s mom and sisters lived with his mom’s boyfriend? A little far-fetched for collector’s value, as far as I am concerned.

Do you have some valuable Beatles memorabilia?  If so, what?


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