#BlackLivesMatter Releases Balloons Honoring Police Victims During Super Bowl Kickoff [VIDEO]

New Pittsburgh Courier

blacklivesmatter occu evolve release black balloons to honor af am police victims in brooklyn nationwide video#BlackLivesMatter groups nationwide released balloons honoring police murder victims Sunday. The actions were timed to coincide with the Super Bowl?s kickoff, occurring in places such as Atlanta and outside the Arizona Cardinals Satadium.

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Around fifteen people showed up for the NYC balloon release outside the Barclays Center.

?Today, we?re releasing black balloons in the sky for black lives that have been lost due to police violence, and the injustice system behind it that allows police officers to go free,? said Occu-Evolve leader Sumumba Sobukwe, who organized the Brooklyn event.

Watch the balloons being released here:

Gathered in a circle, participants released the balloons after saying the names of those killed by police. They continued shouting names, even after all the balloons were gone, and concluded with the ?I Can?t Breathe? song, now a hallmark of police brutality protests across…

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