Healing Microbes May Offer Some Relief For Children Diagnosed With Autism

CBS Los Angeles

WESTLAKE VILLAGE (CBSLA.com) — Researches have made a discovery through harnessing stomach bacteria that could help families impacted by autism.

Autism is a neurological disorder that can include speech and behavior problems.

Wyatt Jackson, 12, of Westlake Village was diagnosed with autism at an early age.

Although he has come a long way with managing symptoms of the disorder, Wyatt still struggles with the many challenges of autism.

His mother, Nancy Jackson, explained to CBS2’s Lisa Sigell on Friday that she devoted her entire life to learning everything she could about her son’s condition.

Wyatt’s problems began when he was 18 months old, Jackson explained.

“He had severe bloating at the age of 2,” added Jackson. “There was a seemingly endless cycle of constipation and diarrhea.”

Sarkis Mahmazian, a microbiologist at Caltech, shared with Sigell that 40 percent to 90 percent of children diagnosed with autism have some sort of…

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