Watch Montell Jordan Show This Buffalo Wild Wings How to Do ‘It’

WZMX Hot 93.7

Twentyyears ago,Montell Jordancaptured America’s hearts and imaginations with the inescapable, unforgettable single “This Is How We Do It.” Up until that point, no one was really sure how to do anything. And while Jordan’s song didn’t teach us how to do everything, it taught us how to do “it.” It showed us explicitly how to do “it.” “It” would never be something we could not do ever again.

Now, two decades later, Pepsi wanted to remind the patrons of a Buffalo Wild Wings in Oakdale, Minn., how to do “it” with an impromptu half-time show performance from Jordan.

They even got Jordan to change the lyrics to incorporate football vocabulary, Pepsi and half-time. It’s all about as ridiculous and entertaining as it sounds.

What maybe is most amazing about this is how completely the restaurant buys into the festivities. It doesn’t take much to get them dancing and…

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