Tom Brady Was Once Stuffed in a High School Gym Locker


Life is pretty great for Tom Brady, as he is about to appear in his record sixth Super Bowl, he is married to a supermodel, and he makes an enormous amount of money.

While everything may seem like it has always gone perfectly for the Patriots quarterback, his high school football coach, Tom McKenzie, recently revealed there was at least one moment where things did not go Brady’s way in an interview with The MMQB’s Emily Kaplan.

“Well, one time we were at mass, and Tom was missing. Nobody knew where he was, so we went looking. I investigated in the locker room, and somehow one of his teammates had managed to lock Tom in one of the lockers. Luckily I had the master key to get him out. I think they just wanted Tom to get in trouble, for once.”

Nerds of the world take this story to…

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