K-9 added to SWAT unit makes Cleveland police history


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CLEVELAND- There’s a brand new member of the Cleveland Division of Police’s SWAT unit.

“Goro’s been full-time now almost four months,” Sgt. Jose Delgado said.

(Photo courtesy Cleveland police) (Photo courtesy Cleveland police)

His name is Goro and he’s the first of his kind in Cleveland police history.

“We only want that dog to look for bodies, for individuals, not drugs. His only drive is to find people. It’s another less-lethal force we can use, another option,” Delgado said.

Delgado said there are only a handful of SWAT teams across the United States that has a full-time K-9 assigned to the team.

“It’s new to us. And new to the company that supplied the dog because the training is different,” said Delgado.

“Goro is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix. I went over and hand selected him from my vendor in Slovakia,” said Paul Shaughnessy with ExcelK9 Services. Shaughnessy said Goro is not…

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