Detroit Ranked No. 11 Least Healthy City In U.S.

CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) — Well, at least we’re not number one. A new online survey ranks Detroit as America’s 11th unhealthiest city.

The Healthy Cities Index ranked 50 major cities on a scale of 1 to 100, taking into account things like physical fitness, eating habits, chronic health problems and access to health insurance.

Detroit comes in at No. 11 with a ranking of 34.7, faring much better than America’s unhealthiest city, Memphis, with a paltry score of 15.8, due mainly to its low physical fitness rate.

The data shown for Detroit found that 88 percent of the population has health insurance — only 2.04 percent of which are highly rated on BetterDoctor. It also found that there is 1.92 doctors per 1000 residents.

Boston came in as the healthiest city, at 74.5, mainly because of its high percentage of residents covered by health insurance. The data was obtained from the American Fitness…

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