Bill O’Reilly now thinks Ferguson protestors ‘should be ashamed’

New Pittsburgh Courier

When it comes to Bill O’Reilly, you don’t grab the popcorn, you grab the Advil because 99 percent of the time, you’re going to hear some bull from a man who refuses to understand anything that is not pro-White man or of archaic politics.

The kicker this time is from his latest episode of The Bill O’Reilly Show, following the news of Darren Wilson not receiving federal chargesfor murdering unarmed Michael Brown. O’Reilly believes “all of those people who committed crimes in the name of Michael Brown or judged officer Wilson without the facts should be ashamed this evening. But of course, most of them are not.”

As the video clip shows, this is how O’Reilly manipulates his loyal viewers, while trying to persuade the rest of us to follow his lead. Right before he said that disrespectful quip, he chose to play a November 24th surveillance clip of looters…

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