Bill Belichick Addresses Deflate-Gate: We As An Organization Have Followed The Rules

CBS Houston

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (CBS Houston) – The New England Patriots held a press conference Saturday where Bill Belichick spoke on the process of how the Patriots prepare game balls. The Patriots this week have done scientific studies with balls to see if natural causes could vary the PSI of footballs that the NFL found deflated after the Patriots beat the Colts to advance the Super Bowl.

Belichick said the Patriots took multiple balls and put them through the game day process to see what happens with the ball’s PSI numbers. According to Belichick the team found, “game balls taken outside after being prepped lose 1.5 lbs of PSI” He said that if the balls inside were prepped inside and measured at 12.5 PSI (the NFL minimum for PSI) when it becomes accustomed to atmospheric difference outside it can lose that PSI. That is what the Patriots believe happened during the AFC…

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