New Music: Hotel by Kid Ink (featuring Chris Brown)

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We all know that if you are a rapper and you want a hit, you need to add Chris Brown to the hook. Kid Ink has succeeded from this formula with his single Show Me and now he is looking to re-do this with his latest record, Hotel. Having a similar feel to Show Me, the two allude to leaving the girlfriends behind and getting a hotel with someone else.

Preparing for the release of his sophomore album Full Speed which will be released February 3!. For now fans can pre-order the album here and check out the tracklisting below!

Full Speed Tracklisting:
1. What It Feels Like
2. Faster
3. Dolo (featuring R. Kelly)
4. Body Language (featuring Usher and Tinashe)
5. Hotel (featuring Chris Brown)
6. Cool Back
7. Be Real (featuring DeJ Loaf)
8. Every City We Go (featuring Migos)
9. Round Here
10. About Mine…

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