Chris Tucker: ‘Yup, I’m Engaged, And I’m Good With The IRS’

105.9 Kiss-FM

Source: Black America web

Comedian Chris Tucker is heading out to a city near you. The actor/comedian was dormant for a while, but he’s still paying off the IRS so he’s been on the road.

Naaah, he’s settled with the tax man and has just resumed doing what he loves to do. He’s in Houston this weekend and in Louisville, heading to Philadelphia, Chicago and D.C. in the next few weeks.

“We’re going everywhere,” Tucker says. “Everything is caught up now. I’m paying myself now so it’s all good. I’m current. I’m waiting on the 15th. Can’t wait to pay it. Do you want to get paid now? I learned man.”

Tucker also confirms the latest gossip – yup, he’s engaged. But you’ll get him talking about the IRS quicker than he will reveal his future bride’s name.

“I’m off the market,” Tucker says. “It’s true. Well, I can’t say…

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