New Section On Snapchat Will Feature News Coverage

CBS Philly

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The ephemeral messaging app used by over 100 million smartphone users to send pictures and videos that self-destruct will now host news coverage.

Snapchat has launched “Discover,” a new section within the app that features content from 11 different media partners.

Temple University communications professor Paul Gluck says mobile news is not the future, it’s actually the present.

“I also believe that along with credible sources, people will use mobility and portability as a key factor in selecting their news sources.”

A handful of digital publishers will produce content specifically for Snapchat. Users can swipe through previews of stories or scroll down to watch or read the full pieces.

“I think the fact that Snapchat, which has been embraced by younger people, has elected to introduce a verifiable news platform probably speaks well to the possibility of millennial turning to that platform for their…

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Healing Microbes May Offer Some Relief For Children Diagnosed With Autism

CBS Los Angeles

WESTLAKE VILLAGE ( — Researches have made a discovery through harnessing stomach bacteria that could help families impacted by autism.

Autism is a neurological disorder that can include speech and behavior problems.

Wyatt Jackson, 12, of Westlake Village was diagnosed with autism at an early age.

Although he has come a long way with managing symptoms of the disorder, Wyatt still struggles with the many challenges of autism.

His mother, Nancy Jackson, explained to CBS2’s Lisa Sigell on Friday that she devoted her entire life to learning everything she could about her son’s condition.

Wyatt’s problems began when he was 18 months old, Jackson explained.

“He had severe bloating at the age of 2,” added Jackson. “There was a seemingly endless cycle of constipation and diarrhea.”

Sarkis Mahmazian, a microbiologist at Caltech, shared with Sigell that 40 percent to 90 percent of children diagnosed with autism have some sort of…

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Former Long Beach Police Officer Drops Gay Discrimination Lawsuit

CBS Los Angeles

LONG BEACH ( — A former officer who claimed the Long Beach Police Department fired him for being gay dropped his discrimination lawsuit Friday.

Brent Record had an exemplary seven-year run with the department until Sgts. Scott Jenson and Gerardo Prieto became his supervisors, according to Record’s attorney David Tibor at the onset of the trial.

He claims the sergeants knew Record was gay and “were looking to get him terminated.”

Record claimed the sergeants once gave him an assignment based on his sexuality after being told it was “right up your alley.”

Deputy City Attorney Haleh Jenkins argued that Record’s firing had nothing to do with his sexuality, it was because he wasn’t good at his job: he allegedly was afraid to respond to the most serious of calls and went out of his way to avoid them.

She said his actions “put the citizens of Long Beach in danger,” and…

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