Exclusive Interview: Eric Bellinger Talks Style, The Rebirth, Influences, Writing for Chris Brown, @Usher & More


Eric Bellinger has been on the scene for a quite a while now but, behind the scenes songwriting, for some of your favorite artist and behind some of the hottest songs. Eric has just released his first official album “The Rebirth” that has over exceeded expectations. Eric says he’s very pleased with the positive feedback after the release of his freshman album. Eric and I discussed style, his new album, how the “I don’t want her” track came about & much more. Listen to full interview audio below. Purchase the Rebirth on iTunes here.

Q: Hows everything going your way?

A. Ahhh man, everything is going great. I’ve been hearing nothing but positive feedback on the project so i’m super excited about that.

Q: Hows Compton, LA?

A. Well right now, see I moved to the Valley, so i’m out here in North Hollywood, everything is great. I got out of Compton, no more sirens really, in this area a lot of people are here if you want to be in the entertainment industry I’m sure you know of North Hollywood so this side is good real close to different studios and you know it’s more opportunity to be real productive.

Q: Okay so you released you newest album, The Rebirth….have you been pleased on the feedback of your first album?

A. Yeah most definitely, I’m super excited. Cause um Especially nowadays with social networks and stuff like that. I can go on my feeds and my @ mentions and my instagram and it’s so many people leaving comments, so many different people reaching out to me everyday, and it’s just great to see them appreciating the music that I bought to the table and the R&B saying that it was missing and so many different are becoming new fans and i’m excited about the future.

Q: Do you know that people say you are apart of the new generation of R&B, how do you feel about that?

A. I mean I know a lotta people as far as like artist a lot of us are really sticking together you know like collaborating with each other. I got songs on my project with people like Sevyn, Tank,and like all these different new artist Ty Dolla Sign….cont. (Listen To Audio for Full Answer)

Q: As far as R&B goes, have you learned from some different R&B guys in the game? Who has been your mentor throughout this stretch.

A. Umm definitely like Usher, umm for sure Michael Jackson he mentored me from a far and he didn’t even know it, Stevie wonder you know all the old school cats I really studied them umm just because I know in order to be something of impact I kinda need to know some history you know, and know who what was before me in know what they did and if it worked for them, I figure it’ll work again, you know. Alotta the people nowadays are doing remixes and remakes….cont. (Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: So, I also hear that you write music as well. What are some of the songs that you have written?

A. Umm.. well I wrote recently Chris Brown’s last couple singles. I wrote uhh “Fine China” and “Love You More” Ft Nicki Minaj. Usher “Lemme See” Ft. Rick Ross, Jennifer Hudson “Think Like A Man Ft. Ne-Yo i’ve been doing a lot of writing behind the scenes….cont. (listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: Who did you grow up admiring in music?

A. Umm definitely Usher from “8701″ to “Confessions” all those albums to me usher is an entertainer somebody I really looked up too. And then like on the vocal side like Brandy like “Full Moon” was my absolute favorite album of all-time. Brandy’s “Full Moon” was a something I definitely pulled a lot of my techniques and harmonies and *ablibs from.So Shoutout tO Brandy.

Q: How do you describe your style? As far as fashion goes?

A. Um I think for me I like to do a little bit of what the Urban generation does but I put my own, I do like a futuristic look as well. Cause I know a lot of times people go too far trying to be different and it looks weird sometimes and it’s not natural and it’s like this image they have to keep up with. For me I’m like yo i’m just going to do me, i’ma do what I like. Like a lot of my cloths are like customized I’ll tell somebody what I want and they’ll make it,  just something that’s cool, it’s not too far out just urban but at the same time it’s not hood, just very cool nice and neat nothing out of the ordinary. I feel like people trying to hard and they looking crazy….cont. (Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: What particular brands are in your closet?

A. I definitely have a million pairs of Jordans, I got a lot of those Jogger pants..…cont. (Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: Do you feel as if your one of the flyest R&B guys in the game?

A. Yeah for Sure! (Laughs) (Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: So how did the “I don’t want her” come about? #ill song by the way.

A. It was crazy I was at like a party and I was with a girl and everybody just kept looking at her, it was really like a situation that happened and then em I just wasn’t tripping,I’m like gone head keep looking cause it’s like one of them thing  (Listen To Audio)…. I just kinda took it to extreme. Like I want you too look like if you not looking then she’s probably terrible. It’s like the same thing with like a outfit or some shoes you like when people compliment your outfit or like your new shoes that you just got so it’s not like some of material it’s like that essence like yo if you compliment my girl then you complimenting me..if you admire her then i’m doing a good job, so I wanna hear it so like go head check her out. It just went to the extreme if they ain’t looking then I don’t even want her (Laughs)..cont (Listen To Full Audio).

Q: Who are some R&B guys that you consider on their fashion game?

A. Defintely think Tyga is doing amazing things, he just opened up his store out here in LA on Melrose one of the biggest fashion districts out here. I think Kid Ink does a good job…(cont)……..Of course Trinidad, he’s like somebody that’s like No Rules. (Continued) (Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: How many kicks would you say you have in you closet?

A. Wow, I have over 75 pairs for sure. (continued..Listen To Audio For Full Answer)

Q: What has been one of the craziest moments so far since your album and success?

A. (Ahh Laughs) Girls, that’s the craziest things. Cause it always been somebody I was trying to holler at. (Continued) (Listen To Full Audio)

Q: One R&B Chick that you would take out on a date?

A. Ahh, a lot of em are just getting knocked up now. (Laughs) I gotta think about that. Ciara is recently you know with her and future, big ups to them. I wanna get a good one, can I go old school where is *Claudette, I think she was incredible. If I can’t have her then I might still go out with Rihanna, you know how people talk. But I feel like I can tame her, I can get her right in check. (Laughs)

Q: What is that one track off your album that’s your favorite, hands down?

A. It’s probably going to be “Reward” which is the last song. (Listen To Audio for Full Answer, Explains Song)

Q: Your Last Words?

A. Ahh man we just getting started, ah stay in touch with me and follow me on twitter and instagram my website is ericbellinger.com both instagram and twitter is @Ericbellinger my full name and yeah ima be here for awhile I’m a songwriter, a performer, a entertainer so Ima keep the hits coming for sure.


This wraps up my interview with Eric! Thanks for your time!

Purchase The Rebirth here!

Website: http://www.iamericb2.com

Twitter: @Ericbellinger

Instagram: @EricBellinger

Interviewed by Imarashed


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